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Strap on your hiking boots and brace yourself for breathtaking vistas! Explore the Santa Barbara front country, where remarkable lookouts, creeks, and waterfalls await amidst captivating chaparral and wildlife. Opt for one of our three carefully chosen hikes, each offering a unique difficulty level guaranteed to leave you in awe. Stay refreshed with cold water and snacks provided along the way. Let's embark on a hiking adventure that takes your breath away!

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Hiking - Pro.HEIC


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Your guide will meet you at the trail head with a large pack to carry any small items. Snacks and water provided.

Your guide will pick you up and drop you off in one of our luxury Mercedes sprinter vans equipped with water, snacks and a sun shower.

In addition to everything included in the pro experience, we will also pack a picnic and set it up at the peak of your hike.

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