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We Are Your Adventure Concierge

Gold Coast Adventure Co. is a product of the elegant and natural beauty of Santa Barbara, CA.  Known for its breathtaking geography and Mediterranean climate, Santa Barbara shows off year round as a world-class outdoor adventure hub, boasting easy access to lush mountains gently diminishing into the magnificent Santa Barbara Channel.  The stunning views are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what this area has to offer, and at G.C.A.C., we feel the only way to properly share our home is to provide a world class experience for our guests.  
We offer an assortment of elevated adventure experiences that showcase and highlight Santa Barbara’s geographic diversity.  These adventures are all private and curated specifically for you and your family and friends.  Customize your dream adventure day with multiple experiences - just click the activities you’re interested in, and we will handle the rest.  
At GCAC, it’s our mission to share Santa Barbara’s unique beauty through exclusive experiences that are personalized to fit your desires.





For those that want a more immersive experience we have curated 3 retreats that we feel will give our clients the best of what Santa Barbara has to offer. Santa Barbara is extremely multifaceted so whether you come seeking adventure, relaxation or to celebrate, we've got you covered. As with all our adventures, our goal is to create unique and curated experiences specific to each client. Our retreat itineraries can always be updated and changed based on your specific needs. Below are examples of what a three day retreat might look like depending on the reason for your visit:

Day 1: Breakfast at hotel, guided hike, relax/lunch, paddle board tour

Day 2: Chauffeur to local breakfast spot, ebike tour around Santa Barbara, relax/lunch, private surf lesson

Day 3: Breakfast at hotel, guided horseback trail ride, catered picnic, yacht cruise with dinner

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Hot Stones Massage

Day 1: Breakfast at hotel, private mobility class, relax/lunch, massage

Day 2: E-bike to local breakfast spot, guided hike, consultation with renowned nutritionist, relax/lunch, sunset yoga

Day 3: Breakfast at hotel, private surf lesson, catered picnic on beach

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Day 1: E-bike tour to breakfast, wine tasting in the valley

Day 2: Breakfast at hotel, massage, surf lesson with picnic

Day 3: Breakfast at hotel, (optional short) hike, yachting day



Everything we offer is uniquely catered to you. Let us know what you are interested in and we will get back to you to discuss details within 48 hours. 

Select the activities that you are inereted in. Choose at least one:
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Thanks for your inquiry. We'll get back to you within 48 hours.

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